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My name is Jamie.

I make heirloom furniture that is not just a part of your house. I make furniture that is a part of your life.

Unlike forgettable mass-produced furniture stained and camouflaged to resemble wood, my furniture is more than a temporary function. A well-made, solid wood piece of furniture has purpose in its beauty as well as its function. Wood has a life and a personality of its own. It cannot be mass produced from a factory. It has grain, movement, depth. It is deceptively both light and strong. When crafted with attention, it is smooth and unresistant to your touch. When free from stains and paints that mask its nature-created art, it has a gentle, welcoming smell.

I design furniture that is simple and understated with a complexity that will reveal itself as you live your life with it. Its richness will add to the quality of your life as you and your loved ones return to it again and again.

I build custom furniture from cribs dining tables to bookshelves. I also turn wood, such as bowls, rolling pins, and Christmas ornaments. I typically use hardwoods, such as maple and walnut, and mix my own finish and polish. You can head to my work page to see more of my work.

The furniture I build for you will last the years of your life. The entry table will welcome you home and greet your guests. The bookshelf will wear as you remove and return the books you read again and again. The dining table will take on the marks of the wine you share, the scratches of your children’s use. The unique bowl on your dresser will hold your most sentimental items, the wooden ornament will be hung on your Christmas tree year after year, and the rolling pin will press out delicious food. A well-made piece of furniture connects people. The value of genuine wood items increases because your life presses memory into it. Memories that are held and handed down to future generations.

I build heirloom quality products worth life, time, and investment.

What My Customers Say

"I purchased a platform bed with a rustic style headboard from Jamie and it turned out amazing! I sent him a plan I found online and he made it happen. It turned out better than my expectations! The quality was top notch and his pricing is affordable. I will definitely order custom wood furniture from him again."

Shena, Birmingham, AL

"I received 2 custom built side tables and 1 sofa table from Jamie and could not be more pleased! He was excellent with communication to ensure he built me exactly what I wanted. The craftsmanship is beyond compare. Beautiful and sturdy, holding up to my 3 rambunctious children. I highly recommend him."

Jessica, Trussville, AL

"Jamie built us the most gorgeous crib! The way he worked the wood to show off the best aspects of the ambrosia maple was just stunning! This sturdy and timeless piece will no doubt remain in our family for generations."